Information Communication Technology and E-Government.

All matters related to connection of ICT facilities in both urban and rural areas of the County, Research on the current places in the County that are connected in order to give a clear picture on the places to be connected, ensure proper communication channels are followed and ensure training and capacity building on ICT.


  1. Hon. Moses Barteng- CHAIRPERSON
  2. Hon. Stephen Letting– DEPUTY CHAIRPERSON
  3. Hon. Daniel Sanga
  4. Hon. Peter Chomba
  5. Hon. Peter Sugut
  6. Hon. Patrick Bundotich
  7. Hon. Senah Kosgei
  8. Hon. Tabitha Massam
  9. Hon. Lydia Mais
  10. Hon. Ann Jemutai
  11. Hon. Salome Busienei


  1. Doryine Cheruto