The Legislative Summit 2019

2019-04-15 Written by 

The Legislative Summit 2019

The Legislative Summit 2019 seeks to build on the gains of the first three legislative summits while providing an avenue for Kenya Legislatures to critically interrogate their roles in the devolved governance structure, six years after its implementation begun.  The theme of this summit  focuses on delivering on the objects of devolution guided by the constitutionally outlined principles as stipulated in Articles 174 and 175 respectively. The proposed theme is

 “Accelerating devolution; assessing the achievements and addressing the gaps in policy and legislation”

The main objectives of the Legislative Summit 2019 are;

  1. To assess the progress made in legislations that support entrenching of devolution;
  2. To identify the gaps and challenges in legislation that are impeding devolution and develop measures to address them;
  3. To identify opportunities that can be harnessed to accelerate devolution
  4. To provide a platform for dialogue amongst key actors in devolution to learn and share experiences;
  5. To strengthen inter and intra-governmental relations for effective implementation of devolution.


The Legislative Summit, 2019 is proposed to be held on 14th -18th April, 2019 in Kisumu County.