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Policy Framework for establishment of Cemeteries, Funeral Parlours and Crematoriums in the County

By:            2016-10-18


The County Assembly of Uasin Gishu has unanimously passed a Motion to urge the County Government of Uasin Gishu through the relevant department to prepare and submit to the County Assembly for approval a Policy Frame work and Legislative Proposal for the approval of establishment of Cemeteries, Funeral Parlours, and Crematoriums in this County.

While moving the motion Hon. Josphat Lowoi was categorical on the processes of life and the fact that death is a reality. He emphasised on the importance of a legal framework to govern the establishment of cemeteries, funeral parlours and crematoriums within the County.

While seconding the motion Hon. Francis Muya M.C.A Langas ward congratulated the Leader of Majority for the timely motion and urged the other honourable members to be the leaders of today and desist from the mentality of not wanting to talk about death. He talked about the increase in population and the fear of the existing cemeteries being filled before another solution had been found.

Hon. Muya further talked about the ongoing debate on the private cemetery that led to a public outcry by a portion of the residents and reiterated on the importance of the private developers trying to avoid conflicts with the residents.

Hon. Peter Sugut M.C.A Megun emphasised on need for the policy framework so that a solution could be arrived at avert a health crisis and to help ease congestion in the existing cemeteries.

An important contribution that was raised by Hon. Patrick Bundotich M.C.A Tarakwa while supporting the motion was the involvement of the public’s through public participation to enable them make informed choices for the betterment of the society at large.

Hon. Anne Jemutai nominated M.C.A while supporting the motion gave an example of her Philippines visit on how they bury the dead in the mountains to save land.

While in great support of the motion Hon. Rehema Korir nominated M.C.A insisted that the policy framework should give a guideline to address the issues that has caused the public outcry and the resistance from the publics.