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County Assembly resolves to form an Ad-Hoc Committee to establish Revenue Collection decline

By:            2016-10-18


On 11th October 2016 the afternoon session the House started by communication from the Chair Hon. Isaac Terer, the speaker. He commended the I.C.T Department for the new Taiden Digital Conference System. The current system is modernized, and the Honourable Members will be able to operate paperless as we move into a digital future. It will be of great importance during voting because results will be digitally released.

While moving a motion Hon. Josphat Lowoi M.C.A Karuna / Meibeki wanted the house to form an Ad-Hoc committee find out why there was a decline in revenue collection in the County. He also observed that before the County took full charge of revenue collection, the County through the defunct Local Authorities used to collect more than what had ever been collected by the County Government. He emphasised on the need for increased revenue especially after the recruitment of enforcement officers and the acquiring of the operational E- revenue collection systems in the FY 2015/1016.

While seconding the Motion Hon. Lucy Ng’endo nominated M.C.A emphasised on the need for the Ad- Hoc committee to be formed to investigate the matter and where the money goes.

While contributing to the motion Hon. Amos Kemeli M.C.A Race Course Ward emphasised on the importance of the Committee to be formed to investigate the issue. This has really affected us as a County. The people of the County are complaining about the high rates they are charged whereas the development agendas being taken up do not match up the revenue collected.

Hon. Jeremiah Sang M.C.A Kamagut Ward and who also doubles up as the chairperson of the  Finance and Economic planning Committee added that we have gone a step ahead to increase charges as a County but nothing has changed in revenue collection. New buildings and businesses have been formed and they have paid their revenues but still there is no rise in revenue that we collect.